The Ultimate Guide for Cracking The NMC CBT Exam and Interview

The NMC CBT exam is a test conducted for potential candidates to become registered nurses in the UK. CBT stands for Computer Based Test and is mandatory for nursing professionals to clear the test before migrating to the UK.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), UK, organises this test and is conducted through Pearson VUE centres. This article helps you better understand the numerous aspects associated with the NMC CBT exam.

It helps you with proven tips for cracking the test and the structure plus requirements for the test before and after its clearance. Hop in to know more about the same.

About NMC’s CBT Exam

Let’s take a look at the details regarding the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Computer Based Test exam in terms of exam centres, exam results, qualification criteria and consequences of exam result announcements.

The test is fully done in online mode, including the application registration and the actual exam. You can create a personalised profile or register a Pearson VUE account that acts as a portal to help you complete the test procedures.

●     CBT Exam Center

The test centres for the CBT exams are in Pearson VUE centres across various locations. Pearson VUE centres are safe, feasible and convenient, helping your cause in completing the test valuations for clearing the certifications of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The development, execution and delivery of the exams at the Pearson VUE centres are delightfully scheduled and carried out. You can always apply for exam registration at a centre nearest to you or one in a prime location. The venue will take care of everything related to the conduction of the test until the final publishing of test results.

●     When Will You Receive Your CBT Exam Results?

The time duration between the test submission and the publication of the results is only forty-eight hours. After 48 hours of the exam completion, the NMC will send you an email notifying you of your test clearance status.

The results could either be a pass or a failure depending on your performance. You may log in to your Pearson VUE account also to view and access the test results & performance.

●     Pass Mark

The exam happens in two segments – Part A and Part B. For a candidate to score passing marks in the NMC CBT exam, the minimum overall aggregate from both parts should be 68%.

The pivotal factor here is to aim for comprehensive coverage of the exam with numerous attempts at clearing mock CBT exams. Practice helps you develop self-access formulae for the test.

●     What if You Fail The CBT Exam?

You will get a total of three attempts before clearing the NMC CBT exam. So don’t worry if you fail the test on your first appearance. Remember that a ten days gap is needed between each exam in case of reappearance.

The test is generally okay if you are proceeding with the right preparations. It is only hard if you do not concentrate or practice well before the test date.

What Comprises The NMC Test?

The NMC CBT follows a unique structure. The computer-based structure makes it a fully online exam, and the rest of the process follows the online mode too. The test pattern has changed over the years. Here, we will give focus on the new structure and format for the NMC CBT.

●     New Structure

NMC CBT is divided into two parts. The total number of questions covered in the exam is 115. In part A, the topic is Numeracy which will include 15 questions and takes 30 minutes to cover.

Part B includes the clinical questions for nursing and midwifery and covers 100 questions. You will get two hours and thirty minutes to clear this part.


If you want to successfully register as a nurse or midwife in the UK, then you need to cover both NMC CBT and NMC OSCE exams. CBT is a computer-based test which is the first part you need to clear.

On completing the NMC CBT, you can move on to the next section (NMC OSCE). It stands for Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Objective Structured Clinical Examination. You need to clear both tests to successfully migrate to the UK and practise as a registered nursing professional in the healthcare industry.

In the OSCE test, your clinical and communication skills are put to the test. For the OSCE exam, you can apply, register, prepare, schedule and appear with your online NMC account. The resources and professional preparation materials are actively available on the website for your perusal.

At present, OSCE covers ten stations. Four stations come under the APIE – one each for assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. The next four stations will help cover the skills part (two pairs of two skills). The final two stations will assess the candidate’s values, behaviours and evidence-based practice.

How to Apply for The NMC CBT Test?

The application process for the NMC CBT follows the below steps. You can create a Pearson VUE account and request a date for the competence test at your convenience. Book the CBT exam using your NMC online account.

The next step is to pay for the exam and then select the right exam and modules. The CBT should match your application type. For example, you might be applying to a specific nursing profession, and there is a unique exam code matching that niche. Find it before proceeding with your application and act accordingly.

Prepare for the CBT exam with the help of materials and resources available online and offline. Example references include The Code and Test of Preparation for Midwives. On the day of the exam, follow the rules and policy conditions as mentioned in the resource materials.

Use your original passport at the test centre to verify your identity on the day of the exam. On exam completion, submit the test and wait for your results. You will receive the results as pass or fail, and based on this, you may proceed with the next steps.

●     CBT Exam Series Codes

Perhaps the most critical part of the CBT exam is the series of codes that you have to follow while applying for the test. The numerous exam codes and their matching application types are as follows:

  1. Adult Nurse – RNA
  2. Children’s Nurse – RNC
  3. Midwife – RM
  4. Mental Health Nurse – RNMH
  5. Learning Disabilities Nurse – RNLD

A sample application column under the exam series code section is shown here to help you better understand the part. If you are applying as an Adult Nurse, then the selection tab is as follows:

{Exam – RNA 2023; Adult Nurse:

Module 1 – RNA 2023; Adult Nurse – Part A; Numeracy:

Module 2 – RNA 2023; Adult Nurse – Part B; Clinical}

●     Fees

The final fees you have to pay during the checkout process from your Pearson VUE account depend on the modules you are planning to cover. If you are proceeding with Part A and Part B together, which is ideal for first-time attempts, then the fee is 83 pounds.

If you are planning to attend the exams again, the amount is 83 pounds for both sections. But if you are attending just one part separately, then the amount is less. For Part A reattempt, the fee is 50 pounds. For reattempting Part B, the fee is 70 pounds.

Which Countries Need an NMC CBT?

The NMC CBT test is conducted by Pearson VUE for NMC. It helps you move to any part of the UK as a registered nurse. CBT is intended for nurses trained outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It applies only if you are seeking jobs in the nursing domain in the UK.

All countries under the UK require both NMC CBT and NMC OSCE. It covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The licensure and professional registration vary if you have undergone nursing and midwifery training within the EU or EEA.

●     Process of Relocating to the UK After Passing the NMC CBT Exam

Your relocation process to the UK starts right after clearing the NMC CBT exam. Even before appearing for the OSCE exam, candidates are advised to follow up with procedures like essential document submission, verification and clearance.

The procedure for migration will take an easy step-by-step- route and won’t take long as the vacancies in the UK nursing domain are high. Clear your NMC OSCE in between, plus prove your English language skills via an IELTS or OET certification.

Since the OSCE exam centres are present in the United Kingdom only, you have to migrate to the UK first before completing the complete NMC licensure. If you are shifting as an international nurse, then you have the choice to work within the NHS as a pre-registered nurse or a healthcare assistant for at least three months before appearing for the OSCE exam. A Tier 2 UK visa will assist you in achieving this step.

The various steps include obtaining the qualifications for the NMC registration, including English language skills, applying your knowledge in test form by clearing the NMC CBT exam, satisfying the eligibility criteria with valid supporting documents, applying for a tier 2 visa and settling in the UK while preparing for NMC OSCE and the final step that involves an identification check with the help of a face-to-face interview. NHS will guide all the steps once you are in the UK healthcare zone.

Some Tips to Help You Succeed in The NMC CBT Exam

Listed below are some of the tips that will help you succeed in the NMC CBT exam.

  • Attempt as many mock tests as possible to instil enough confidence in you before appearing for the original test. It is always better to clear your CBT exam on the first attempt itself rather than banking on the possibility of retests.
  • Prepare well. The optimum step here is to collect all the reference materials and study guides/resources in advance and then prepare accordingly.
  • Maintain an efficient work-life balance before nearing the test date. You should be in a harmonious relationship with your environment before appearing for the CBT exam.
  • Practise discipline and self-control when it comes to preparation for the test. Spend at least three to four hours of your day studying different aspects of the NMC CBT exam and NHS in general.
  • Ensure that all your documentation, expertise verification and experience gathering are in balance before clearing the exam.
  • On the day of the exam, approach the test with confidence and courage. Be on time and follow all the procedures at the test venue as per the given instructions and guidelines.
  • The structure of questions will be divided into categories like generic nursing competencies, application to healthcare niche and specialized service values and skills. Know about the weightage of the questions in advance and attempt the questions accordingly.
  • Be on course to become a qualified professional in the UK healthcare domain. If you are going to clear an exam, be thorough about backing it up with consistent values.
  • The key areas that you should master for NMC CBT are professional values, nursing practice, critical decision-making, leadership, management, management, teamwork, communication and collaboration, interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt (flexibility).
  • Remember to manage your time effectively. Register for the test at a Pearson VUE centre near you to manage time, distance and other formalities related to the exam. While writing the exam, be mindful of the allotted time and the time you take for answering each question. Do not waste any minutes due to a lack of focus or attention.
  • Trust your gut and intuition while marking your answers. Ensure that your responses are relevant to UK healthcare practices rather than those in your home country.

Wrapping Up

It is fair to say that you cannot navigate through the NMC CBT exam without any preparation or thought. An adequate amount of disciplined learning is important, guided by sufficient insight on how to go about the domain.

Associate yourself with a trusted partner who can support your journey in clearing the NMC CBT exam and successfully shifting to the UK.

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