It is an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals to work abroad. Overseas experience brings sufficient exposure for career growth and personal/professional development.

The healthcare profession segment in foreign countries is increasing at a rapid pace. This post sheds light on some of the top international opportunities for different medical professionals and how to obtain them. The article also looks at some of the best foreign countries to work and live for healthcare personnel.

How to Get Jobs Abroad

There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting a valuable job abroad. For the medical sector, you must take the necessary steps in preparation & effort to overcome the designed challenges.

The default entry route for medical personnel into a foreign nation is the clearance of a medical exam. Score the mandatory cutoff scores in those exams to vie for eligibility.

Exams to Pass for Overseas Jobs in Healthcare Sector

Some of the top popular exams that thousands of candidates clear to qualify for overseas healthcare jobs are as follows:


IELTS is the world’s most proficient test to measure your English language skills. Approved by more than 11,000 entities and bodies across the globe, it will not harm you to have a certification in this course.

If you have plans to work in some of the top-rated countries like Australia, Canada, UK, IELTS can help.


HAAD is a certificate strictly mandatory for licensed health professionals to work in Abu Dhabi. The certification obtained from this exam is valid for various niches in the medical profession, like nurses, pharmacists, dentists, doctors, and physiotherapists.


DHA is an exam to certify healthcare professional licenses in the region of Dubai. It is acceptable in the whole of Dubai and is in issuance by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).  

The administration of DHA oversees the entire healthcare working process in the nation.


CRNE exam applies to the Canadian provinces and is exclusive to nurses’ practice. Cutoff merit is necessary for nursing professionals to enter the healthcare domain in Canada and experience industry practice.

Prometric Exam for various countries

The Prometric test is an exam based on computer knowledge and includes multiple-choice questions & assessment solutions. Like CRNE, nurses find more relevance in this exam too.

The top countries with Prometric exam devices are Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, and other Gulf countries.


This exam tests the credibility of nursing professionals practicing in the USA, Canada, and Australia. It is one of the most standard sought-out exam certificates.

National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a test held by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).


 Occupational English Test (OET) is another credible English language test with international popularity. It is better than IELTS as this one covers mainly the healthcare sector and focuses on English language needs that strictly apply to the medical segments.

Apart from general English, the test vocabulary relies more on your healthcare knowledge & experience.

Medical Jobs in Foreign Countries

The job profile, eligibility criteria, and qualification process vary per the different medical jobs in foreign countries. Here, we look at the top healthcare roles and their performance in the abroad market.

●   International Opportunities for Nurses

The career opportunities for nurses in the international domain are nothing short of lucrative. If you are seeking exclusive chances to shift to foreign countries for professional progress, try countries like the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, Canada, Israel, Norway, Denmark, UAE, and Switzerland.

●   Scope of Pharmacists Abroad

It is an evergreen segment in the healthcare industry & occupies a special place in the niche, irrespective of the type of medical practice or specialization involved. The top countries where you can make a fortune in a pharmacist role are the USA, Canada, Switzerland, and Germany.

●   Working Abroad after Microbiology

For careers in the microbiology sector, your choice depends on starting with the highest academic caliber. By that measure, it is better to practice and develop a microbiology profession in countries like Germany, the UK, and Switzerland.

●   Career for Medical Lab Technician (MLT) in Foreign Countries

Medical Lab Technician or laboratory science careers’ success depends exclusively on the course standards and the industry exposure you receive. It is better to migrate to a foreign country, providing education and profession in the segment. The top choices include the USA, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, and Lebanon.

●   Working Abroad as Speech Language Pathologist

Speech Language Pathologists are a special breed in healthcare, focusing extensively on communication and therapy. SLPs have a crucial role in economies like the USA, the Republic of Ireland, and Australia.

●   Pursue a Career as Audiologist Abroad

Audiologists work closely in association with the hearing & balance system of nervous systems & are credible for professionals seeking healthcare specializations. Some of the top countries overseas you can migrate to as an audiologist include the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Spain, and France.

Best Countries to Work

The top countries to work for a healthcare professional are as follows:

●    United Kingdom

The UK is widely known as one of the best healthcare-providing countries in the world. It is much sought after by medical professionals, with the presence of the publicly-funded NHS adding to its appeal.

There is no shortage of open vacancies or networking opportunities & the pay is generally decent. If you are a specialist with domain experience, you are in for a treat.

●    Australia

The Australian healthcare sector is famous for its flexible work environment & growth space. It is a haven for general practitioners and specialists alike. The country is experiencing a boom in specialist healthcare segments.

●    New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its work-life balance and sufficient compensation plus allowances. For healthcare professionals, it is one of the best countries to live in and is a potential space to learn specialization in their craft.

●   Republic of Ireland

Like the UK, the Republic of Ireland is a popular choice for healthcare personnel to migrate and work. The workload is average only, but the paycheque is better than most industry-standard economies. Doctors can make the most of this nation as the vacancies & opportunities are broad for you.

●   Canada

Here also, doctors have an easy chance to fill the segment. Canadian healthcare follows a sustainable, holistic model where every personnel part of the segment finds value and space. If you are a specialist doctor or nurse, don’t think twice about migrating to Canada.

●    Switzerland

The Swiss are a class apart in many categories & their healthcare domain is no different. Switzerland provides quality healthcare access to its citizens & if you are a worker in this segment, the chances of experiencing a dynamic work environment are very high. The pay is competitive & the growth potential is ever-present.

●   Netherlands

If you are a physician trying to shift abroad, then the best spot is the Netherlands. The healthcare system in Holland is known for its reasonable pay and adequate work-life balance. The industry boom is real and happening right now in this country.

●   Singapore

Singapore is known for its quality, world-class medical services to its public. Various health insurance partners and healthcare service providers, primarily funded by the Central Government, take charge of this essential country’s medical practice hopes.

●   United Arab Emirates

UAE is also a region experiencing a positive influx of Government-funded resource additions in the healthcare segment. The quality service provisions in the sector are on the path of rapid growth & are delivering promising innovations in the industry.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the top players in the region, comprising most of the healthcare activities and opportunities.

●   United States of America

This list is not complete without the USA. Though criticisms are present for the country not showcasing a uniform healthcare system, it is a pool of opportunities for medical professionals.

Whether you are a general doctor, nurse, or specialist in any related domain, you have a chance to find work and grow in the States.


The booming industry exposure is creating tons of jobs & there is no lack of space for aspiring medical professionals to work & grow. The best part of working abroad is raising your profile in the healthcare domain, maintaining a community vibe & service-oriented practice.

Always stay careful about choosing the right medical profession that matches your passion & expertise. Be on the lookout for emerging opportunities and cautiously proceed while shifting abroad. It is commendable to receive the service of capable partners who can assist with your relocation and job enrollment.

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