Preparation Tips For HAAD Exam: All you need to know

Preparation Tips for HAAD exam

It is not uncommon for medical professionals to obtain licenses to practice abroad. The GCC area is no stranger to holding multiple premium-level license exams for healthcare practitioners. One of the top significant exams in this category is the HAAD exam

The article covers everything about the HAAD exam. This post is your best guide to help crack the exam with sufficient preparation tips.

What is the HAAD Exam?

The extended form of HAAD is the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. The HAAD exam serves as a platform for healthcare professionals to work in Abu Dhabi. You must clear the exam and get a valid license that supports your cause to work in the desired profile in this region.

The terminology of the exam in present times is DOH exam, known after the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi. Different medical practitioners come under various categories as per the HAAD standards. This categorization applies to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.

How To Register For HAAD Exam?

The registration procedure for HAAD exams is easy once your eligibility criteria satisfy the Health Authority standards. The registration guidelines for the HAAD exam are as follows.

  • Once the initial qualification aligns with the entity standards, apply it to the Data Flow. It is a source verification stage to evaluate & verify your credentials.
  • After verification, you can visit the registration page available online. Create an account on this page and successfully log in using an exclusive username & password.
  • Click on the tab e-Licensing to select the HAAD exam and then click on Exam Planning.
  • You can pick the date and exam location of your choice. 
  • The next step is to input your application number and book the exam per your preferences.
  • The final step is to pay your exam fee. Print your exam ticket once the payment is complete. It will act as the examination access permit.

Eligibility Criteria For HAAD Exams

The eligibility to appear for HAAD exams follow a well-defined structure. Some prerequisites necessary for professionals wishing to sit the HAAD exam are below. Only the top three categories are in consideration.

Should be a member of a professional entity in the segment.Be a part of a nursing organization or body.The minimum qualification is a B.Sc pharmacy degree.
Educational qualifications should include MD from a recognized university.A relevant degree or a diploma is needed. Mandatory certificates like Basic Life Support Certificate are a must.Possessing a Pharm D degree will be a plus & so is the addition of experience corresponding to the position applied in your resume.
The experience required is a minimum of two years.A minimum experience of one year is needed & should include relevant practice corresponding to the HAAD application position.The provision of the Current National License is applicable.
A period of supervision is applicable for non-practice in the last two years.Not eligible to apply if you have not practiced in the last five years.A period of supervision might apply.

General Preparation Tips & Guidelines For HAAD Exams

Apart from all the guidelines in the sections that you should observe regarding HAAD exam preparation, here are a few exclusive tips.

Selecting your specialization

Rather than picking the general sections of a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist, you should be able to choose expertise under each category. For example, doctors could be interns, professionals in general healthcare, external consultants, or dedicated specialists. Likewise, nurses could be working with various segments like pediatric treatment, mental health, community nursing, or midwifery. Similarly, pharmacists could be clinical pharmacists or technicians. You should decide which profile suits you better and make the necessary efforts to follow your profession at the highest level.

Deep knowledge of the HAAD exam syllabus

You should familiarize yourself with the HAAD exam syllabus before you plan to register for the exams. The syllabus varies as per your profession and includes broad, extensive domain knowledge. The general syllabus involves topics like management of work issues, medicines & dispensary, professional practices and ethics in healthcare, clinical competence, managing nursing & care practices & their subcategories.

Working of EES

EES is Examination & Evaluation System present in complete online mode to aid the potential candidates to attend the exam from their home country. You should be aware of how the system works.

Time & efforts needed

You should consistently practice for the exam and to read & learn a lot of books. Plan and prepare for the exam at least 2 – 3 months in advance, focusing on accomplishing a minimum regular quota of daily or weekly hours per your convenience.

Final day preparation

The final day before the exam will be crucial as your brain should occupy a critical focus on the HAAD success. You can revise the core subject matter in your respective domain during this time. An overall review of the previous questions might help. You must verify all your documents and their readiness for submission at the exam center.

Tips for the day of the exam

Carry all the necessary documents with you along with a confident & courageous smile. The test center staff will assist you in all things regarding verification of documents, collection of your photo & signature, and check-in at the reception desk for the exam. You can keep your stuff in a designated locker space. You will have access to all the terms & conditions plus responsibilities related to your profession. Be thorough with all the rules under these sections to have an excellent test experience.


No personal belongings (mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, books & other stationery, handbags, food, or medicine) are allowed inside the exam center. Do not take too much stress about clearing the exams. Be your own and stay calm to help you manage the test vibrantly. Occupy yourself with hobbies & activities that keep you energetic during the learning phase before appearing for the exam. Stay motivated and engage in simple breathing exercises before starting the test.

Resources For HAAD Exam Candidates

The resources for preparing for HAAD exams include books, guides, and online & offline study materials. Here are some of the books to master for your HAAD aspirations.

USMLE Step 2CK BooksOnline resources on general healthcare (corresponding to the applying category)
Umm Al-Qura University SLE QuestionsFirst Aid for the USMLE Step 2CK
USMLE Step 2CK  Question BanksHAAD Medical License Exams (previous year questions)

Other popular books recommended for the HAAD exam are RxPrep, The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy & Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX.

HAAD Exam Process

Once you have qualified as per the application criteria & successfully registered for the HAAD exam, you can concentrate on the below steps. They form the core of the entire exam process.

  • In the HAAD exam center, you will have access to a computer device with internet connectivity.
  • The supervisor assists you with your computer login. Access to the calculator will be online & no stationery provisions are available.
  • You will have tutorial access to help you warm up for the exam.
  • Answer the HAAD exam questions in the designated time & space. Short breaks are available during the exam but will be part of your exam minutes.
  • Once the exam is over, you will leave the testing room. The entry & exit to the room will be under the guidance of the monitors.
  • You can immediately know your HAAD exam results. The exam center will give you a printed copy of the result. It indicates your score with a pass or failure report. 

The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi will receive an automatic copy of your result. There will be additional requirements you need to satisfy apart from clearing the HAAD exam to practice in Abu Dhabi. They could include the general eligibility criteria for immigrants or medical practitioners.


The parting thought here is to look at the safe option and join a training center to focus on your HAAD exam preparation. Dedicate your efforts and time to clear the HAAD exam with discipline.

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