Benefits: Dubai Health Authority for Medical Professionals

Dubai Health Authority

Medical professionals are frontline workers who utilize their knowledge and expertise to provide patients immense care and health services. They play a critical role in improving the quality of life for the common people. 

Healthcare professionals & students from different parts of the world enjoy plenty of in-demand, high-paying job opportunities in Arabian countries. 

The healthcare system in UAE is well known for its greatness & highest standards. 

To enhance the health sector and focus on exclusive health services, the UAE government has set up various establishments and authorities for the selection and training of the right candidates who seek jobs in the government sector. 

DHA is one such prominent organization.  

What is DHA? How was it formed?

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is a government organization (established by the Department of Health and Medical Services) that oversees the health care system of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The organization was initiated under the guidance and directives of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler, vice president, and prime minister of Dubai. 

DHA aims to bring quality healthcare to Dubai through its services like implementing healthcare policies, regulating medical facilities, licensing medical professionals, and ensuring the execution of strategies. 

Other aspects include monitoring the health insurance system, licensing insurance companies, regulating prices of health services, etc. The authority is associated with both public and private hospitals & clinics in Dubai. 

DHA training & examination: 

The examination conducted by DHA is critical for obtaining healthcare licenses. The Dubai government has made it mandatory for healthcare professionals to pass the exam to begin their work in the emirates of Dubai. The major purpose behind conducting this exam is to validate the candidates’ skills and foster highly qualified candidates for medical services. 

DHA has various examination centres in India. With adequate training and preparation, a candidate can take up the examination and get qualified for becoming a licensed medical professional working in Dubai. Each examination for workers in different medical fields comes with a specific syllabus and a standard pattern.

DHA certification will be beneficial for various aspirants like doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, psychiatrists, dieticians, etc. For non-UAE nationals, the authority demands at least 1-2 years of clinical experience post-internship, according to their post. 

Benefits of working under the Dubai Health Authority

Candidates who pass the examination and become eligible to work as licensed medical practitioners will be able to start their carrier at public and private healthcare establishments. In order to encourage the employees and boost their work-life balance, the authority offers several benefits for licensed workers.

Here are some of the key benefits of working under DHA:

Health Insurance

Dubai Health authority cares for all citizens, their own employees, employees at different organizations, and their families. DHA offers various perks and benefits, including health insurance coverage for its workers. Various schemes with added benefits have been introduced for both government and private sector medical professionals.

Job Training

In order to support the staff working in the healthcare sector, various job training programs are organized by DHA for healthcare professionals. This includes clinical training and internship training programs for licensed DHA workers and other staff, students, and medical/health science graduates, to gain experience through training at DHA facilities.

Soft Skill Training

Soft skill training aims to develop communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Experienced & innovative training offices at DHA design, develop, and implement training programs to facilitate staff education, management progression, and positive work culture. 


The provision of food services can include kiosks, cafeterias, and vending machines for patients and staff according to the service plan of a facility. Cafeteria access and other commercial food areas may be available to all visitors and staff. 

Free Transport

DHA offers free transport for the employees. The employees working at the different hospitals will have access to both public and private transportation to their destinations. Licensed medical practitioners can get free transportation shuttle via cabs and other modes.   

Free Food

Food services of DHA can include free food and catering services, especially for functions like meetings, conferences, special occasions, etc. Additionally, staff dining rooms may be provided for staff to dine and relax. Food must be tastier and appealing to all ages and cultural and social backgrounds.

Child care

DHA extends its continuous support for child care. The authority helps oversee children’s education and overall well-being. The plan can include child insurance, child medical facilities, education plans, etc., for employees’ children. 

Team Outings

Team outings are creative ways to build company culture and team bonding. DHA aims to provide fun ways of collaboration and reduce workplace stress through activities like team outings and volunteering. 


Free gym memberships and gym access are great options for employees to stay healthy and reduce stress. DHA provisions can include access to a gymnasium, discounted memberships, or free access. 

Work From Home

DHA employee benefits include work-from-home policies for employees whose profession does not demand a compulsory visit to hospitals or clinics. Licensed medical professionals can stay home and connect with their colleagues virtually. 

Education Assistance

Medical professionals may be required to take development programs or courses for their current role. The service may offer scholarships, training, internship, and research programs for medical students and staff. 

International Relocation

There can be situations for medical practitioners to move to another country as a part of their job. The DHA support medical professional and hospitals to ensure a smooth relocation process. 

Dubai Health card

The government of Dubai issues the Dubai health card to cover various medical expenses and provide low-cost medical services. It can include information about hospitals and clinic visits. DHA issues the health card and is made available for its employees and all eligible others.

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