How Do Nurses Renew The DHA License?

Nurses renew DHA license

Maintenance & management of active licenses or registration is crucial for all healthcare professionals. It applies to personnel in the sector irrespective of their area of expertise, location, or type of service.

This article covers everything you need to know about the renewal of professional registration of the DHA license for nurses. You can browse through the following segments to understand the relevance of the DHA license for nurses plus its benefits & validity. It also covers the essential steps to know regarding the DHA license renewal procedure & requirements in various scenarios.

What Is A DHA License?

DHA License is a registration validation for healthcare professionals to practice their area of specialization. The Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issues this license. The typical beneficiaries of a Dubai Health Authority license are doctors, dentists, nurses, personnel in allied healthcare, and special categories like physicians, midwives, etc.

Importance Of DHA License

A DHA license is mandatory for healthcare professionals to possess for balanced sector growth. The professionals & the healthcare authorities need to maintain such safe regulatory practices.

A DHA license is a guarantee from the practicing workers to offer quality services in healthcare to all the residents of Dubai seeking the same. It is a validation of their skills & qualifications and measures the responsibility of the existing healthcare solutions.

DHA License Renewal Requirements

The essential requirements to proceed with the DHA license renewal are as follows:

  • Submit a copy of your valid passport as part of the renewal process.
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV) to portray the work experience, license validity, and professional standing of the candidate seeking to renew the registration.
  • A unique logbook is part of the required documents for submission. It applies only to applicants with a service gap exceeding two years.
  • The prerequisites include submission of all the above documents on the verification website. You can await the outcome from the authorities based on these submissions.
  • You should pay an amount in cases where a fine is applicable for the renewal.
  • The service channel to follow for DHA renewal is the Sheryan portal. You must have login credentials for the uploading of DHA license requirements.
  • Renew your malpractice insurance first for renewing the DHA license.

Benefits Of DHA License For Nurses

The primary advantage of having a DHA nursing license is the empowerment to practice healthcare services confidently in Dubai. The intensive coaching to receive the DHA license will mold your nursing skills & enables you to become better at your profession.

You will undergo rigorous training as part of the DHA license test. It helps you offer nursing services to the best of your potential in handling stress & analyzing challenges. Above all, possessing a valid license is an incredible tool to assist your safety & comfort in practicing healthcare/nursing in Dubai.

Validity Of DHA License

The validity of your DHA license is for one year once you clear the DHA license exam. You can start the renewal process three months before the designated expiry date, where the eligibility for registration renewal applies.

DHA License Renewal Procedure

The core steps to follow to renew your DHA license renewal are as follows:

  1. Log in to the Sheryan Portal

As part of your initial DHA license application & possession, you will have access to the Sheryan portal. Log in to this portal using your existing credentials to begin the registration renewal process.

  1.  Upload the PSV documents

The next step is to upload all the PSV documents as mentioned in the earlier section. Primary sources verification is a significant step in reviewing your application status. The DHA must receive all the relevant documents in this category without fail.

  1. Upload the Malpractice Insurance certificate

Attach the latest version of your malpractice insurance certificate via the Sheryan portal. This document acts as an extra layer of protection for nurses in their license status & credentials. It is of critical concern in a dynamic service sector like healthcare.

  1. Submit the application

You can fill out and submit the application form on the portal with all the attached documents. The DHA license renewal process will become easier when you do it from the platform, as you will learn about the current status of your license.

  1. Payment of renewal fees

You should pay the necessary fees for renewal according to the amount mentioned on the portal. It will correspond to your application situation & a standard renewal rate is in AED 200 – 1000 range & above.

  1. Await DHA review

The final step is to receive feedback on your submission for renewal from the DHA based on careful review. There are no shortcuts here as the healthcare authority takes a decision appropriate to your application submission & registration renewal qualifications.

Penalty For DHA License Expiry

The authorities will cancel your DHA license if you are not renewing it before the expiry date. You can still register for the license renewal after cancellation, but a certain penalty fee will apply in this case.

The license renewal fees for nurses are different as per their status as full-time, part-time, or trainee employees. An extra fine is applicable that varies according to the application scenario.

How To Renew A Canceled DHA License?

When you try to renew a canceled DHA license, the significant factor to note is that the eligibility for renewal is only for up to six months after the expiry. It is not a feasible choice for trainees or part-time applicants. Rest assured, the renewal process is similar to the default renewal except with the payment of a penalty amount.


Once you complete every step in the renewal process & successfully submit all the required credentials, all you have to do is wait for the approval. The Dubai Health Authority will review your application for renewal & will let you know about the submission status. The average processing time for review is five working days. If successful, you will receive the DHA license via courier to your shared address.

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