Opportunities Abroad For BDS Candidates

Opportunities abroad for Dentist

BDS is a leading course that attracts the eye of many students after their higher secondary completion. The number of BDS graduates passing out every year is a testimony to the prominence of the course. This post explores the potential career options for BDS candidates after completing their course. It also sheds light on the procedure & eligibility criteria related to the DHA exam and corresponding license for dentists.

Career options After BDS

The career options after BDS are not something for dentists to ponder right after graduation. It is a gradual input the student must feed into their system right after joining BDS & then throughout the course. The top career choices for a BDS dentist to consider after successful completion of the default level qualifications are as follows:

●       PG Courses

Pursuing a postgraduate program is the most obvious choice after completing BDS for many candidates. It could be master’s programs, selective doctorate programs, or career deviations to other courses like MBA. The best thing is that you can opt for programs in India or abroad, as BDS offers a global platform for professional exposure.

You may enquire using online & offline resources to understand the requirements if you want to pursue any specializations after BDS. Try to opt for programs offering credible internship associations within the program or with partner bodies.

●       Overseas Programs

Moving abroad is an ideal step for BDS graduates as it involves better credits for experience & a fulfilling life ahead. Opt for any top destination like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, or the Middle East to pursue your career goals.

However, if you want to go to a location that is not an ideal choice, you may consider moving to the same as BDS offers a whole host of chances. The BDS opportunities in Dubai and appropriate steps to launch an opportunity are in the upcoming sections.

●       Self-employment

Self-employment is not a bad idea, considering the early revenue generation prospects & career independence it offers. If you are confident about setting up your organization, then a dental clinic is the best choice.

Clinic ownership is the best method for you to validate a self-research process without compromising on the financial aspects of your career. There is scope for partner programs in internships, teaching modules, etc.

●       Relevant Private-Sector Jobs

Perhaps the easiest of the lot, you may launch a job as a dentist at any established private sector firm. It will give you an early footing into the market insights & prepares you for creating inroads into future career prospects.

Give priority to the career development potential rather than the money or comfort. Practicing with acclaimed dentists is a good start for your professional standing.

●       Government Job

Government professionals will experience more security & job credibility in the dental care domain. If you can launch a public sector job after your BDS, it is the right step in creating a name and space for yourself in the oral healthcare industry.

Being part of specific dental research programs & advancing your career in segments like the Army, NGO programs, and advisor/regulator capacity will all come under this category. Remember that you should invest for the long term to reap maximum benefits from such career choices.

●       Miscellaneous Activities

Apart from the above points, the world of dentistry opens an array of exciting possibilities. If you are a BDS Dentist, you may pursue interests in specific skill or talent development related to the niche. You can promote sustenance practices using the dental sector performance.

Qualified practice is not limited to dental professions & you may try areas like nutrition & dietetics, public health, hospital administration, and training. The critical thing here is to follow your passion with substantial dedication & prestige.

DHA Exam Procedure For Dentists

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) exam process for dentists follows a specific procedure that the health authority of Dubai determines. To understand this, the below steps will help.

  • Document preparation & clarification – You need to have a complete file that conveys your professional & personal standing. It should include all the necessary documents with adequate proof & supporting statements. This step is crucial to take your application forward as there is no scope for mistakes down the line.

The documents involve passport copy, work experience certificate, candidate photos, career record transcripts, authorization letter for DHA & valid proof of practice.

  • Sheryan account creation – Once the documents are ready, you need a registered profile on the Sheryan account. It is an online resource where you can create an account as a potential candidate. Here, you can upload all your documents & create a feasible database for further operations & handling.
  • Confirming eligibility criteria – The next step involves work on the part of the authorities to evaluate your eligibility to apply based on the documents. It is vital as your application undergoes a critical evaluation process. When it is successful, you can focus on the default application process.
  • Application & scheduling of the exam – You can apply for the exam by paying the desired fees as per the authority communication. You can follow the steps for application submission in the email from DHA. A wait time of six weeks is applicable for PSV report generation.
  • Test center activities – The next step is to arrive at the test center on the scheduled date of the examination. Do rigorous & calculated preparation before appearing for the test. Follow the instructions for test preparation, appearance, and test center etiquette. Carry all the documents with you to the center.

The exam is two hours in duration & includes seventy items to test your ability. Stay professional and grounded for the entirety of the test. After completion of the test time, you can leave the center.

  • Result & further steps – The final step in the test process is to receive your results. It will publish shortly after the exams & will indicate your output as per your test performance. If you complete this step, then you are eligible to work for DHA authority. You can now prepare the necessary papers to move abroad to Dubai & proceed with practicing your desirable profession of dentistry.

Eligibility Criteria For Dentists Applying Abroad

The following enumerates the eligibility requirements for dentists to apply for a DHA license. Some of these points apply in general to opportunities in any foreign country.

  • All candidates should have completed a full-time BDS course that includes five years of academic knowledge & clinical skills from an internship.
  • It helps to have at least three years of experience and the internship, to make a credible claim for the license.
  • The academic qualification could be BDS, DDS, DMD, or an equivalent valid course.
  • If you submit a general application for a DHA license for dentists, these points would be sufficient with the necessary documents. Mandatory submissions include proofs, certificates, photos, fees, and eligibility conditions.
  • If you plan to apply for a specialist or consultant license, you should satisfy some additional criteria. These include document submissions of recognizable specialty degrees of over two years.
  • For dentists specializing in oral & maxillofacial surgeries, a certificate showing four years of PG is a must. The requirement will vary to three years for orthodontics specialists.
  • Provisional certificates can make up your eligibility criteria plans & it is better to satisfy the conditions directly to be part of a hassle-free process.


You will not face any shortage in career options after completing your BDS credentials. The profession is one of the evergreen jobs & will always have crucial value over the globe. The relevant thing is to weigh your choices in the niche and select the matching one according to your passion & priority. The scope abroad is a bright one for BDS dentists & you should not give up on such a significant opportunity if it ever arises.

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