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MBBS doctors generally prefer one of the two career paths – joining for further specialization courses or working to gain experience in the field. In the case of the latter option, seeking career opportunities abroad is a common practice. It will help potential candidates assess healthcare considerations across the globe broadening their knowledge & skills.

This post covers the specific scenario of career options for MBBS doctors abroad. It details the preparation process & eligibility criteria for DHA licenses for doctors and the many advantages of working abroad. Healthcare professionals will gain extensive merit from practicing in different environments & demanding conditions.

MBBS Career Options

The top preferable career options for MBBS doctors include the following:

1.    PG Courses

The obvious choice for most healthcare professionals after completing their MBBS is pursuing a PG course. It is a no-brainer considering the number of possibilities & types of specializations in the sector. You can postgraduate from India or abroad, with the top destinations being Germany, the USA, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada.

2.    Moving Abroad

Whether for doing PG, practicing your learnings, or adding to your MBBS with licenses, moving abroad is a solid option for a doctor. It covers the best benefits of moving abroad after MBBS in a detailed section.

3.    Specialization Licenses

Specializing in career options that involve licenses like DHA is another valuable option. This article covers segments related to a DHA qualification. Other potential chances are also available in the industry.

4.    Practicing Healthcare

It is one of the default choices out there. You can practice in your sector with an MBBS without opting for further enhancements in the studies or specialization section. Careful consideration is necessary before selecting such a route.

5.    Administration Services

Many candidates get into services like hospital administration and the like after completion of their MBBS degree. The best examples in this regard are professionals with existing connections to various hospitals or healthcare networks.

6.    General Public Services

You can contribute to the healthcare sector by providing more value inputs in assisting the general public. It could be from the personnel perspective concentrating on the services in the niche.

7.    Alternative Career Choices

Dozens of alternative career choices are available to pursue after your MBBS. Some are corresponding business studies, alternative medicine or healthcare practices, trade diplomas, etc. The option must match your primary preferences & passion for maximum output from the sector.

8.    Carve Your Path

Like every sector, you can create your standing in the healthcare industry. It could be in the form of entrepreneurship, devising new practices, or making side waves in the service. It will support you with more freedom & strength in your medical endeavors.

DHA Preparation For MBBS Doctors

One of the peak determinants for MBBS doctors to prepare and move abroad is the opportunity that a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license provides. The preparation procedure for a DHA license is easy and affordable with the right amount of effort & dedication. Some of the significant points to note while preparing for a DHA exam for doctors are as follows:

  • You should have emphatic knowledge of the DHA syllabus. The study material is relevant to clear the exam in earlier tries itself.
  • Stay updated about the general trends in healthcare and the specific skills relevant to your profile.
  • Preparing by joining a course will undoubtedly help your DHA aspirations. Empower yourself by choosing the right agency partner to boost your chances of success.
  • It helps to have a deep knowledge of the exam duration, module depth, and previous year’s question papers. Study guides & internet resources can assist your cause.
  • Ensure that you have all the relevant documents & valid certificates corresponding to your specialization. It is best to keep everything tidy to focus on your exam.
  • Keep an eye on factors like timing, presentation, and overall performance, as they all contribute to your success in acquiring DHA clearance.
  • The effortless clearance of the DHA tests will be directly proportional to the special attention you pay to the exam type of your suitable license.

Eligibility Criteria For DHA License

The eligibility criteria for doctors while applying for a DHA license are pretty straightforward. At the time of your application form submission, there is a list of document attachments you need to submit. The documents you should submit are as follows:

  • You should submit valid documentation of your MBBS degree.
  • There should be a valid certificate showing your professional practice credentials in the case of experienced personnel.
  • For specialization practitioners, a certificate recognizing the same is necessary.
  • Produce a valid copy of your passport.
  • Letter of experience from the Medical Directorate with an authorized signature.
  • Good Standing Certificate (GSC) from a regional medical council issued in association with your conduct on the last valid practice is mandatory.

Benefits Of Abroad Career Options After MBBS

The fundamental merits of shifting to an abroad location to pursue your career after MBBS are as follows:

  • Knowledge & skill acquisition – A career abroad will widen your chances of improving your domain knowledge as well as raise the bar in your medical skills.
  • Different work environments – Being consistently exposed to different practice environments will help you increase your knowledge as a healthcare professional.
  • Possibility of higher earnings – Foreign opportunities will drive chances for earning a higher revenue, thereby adding to your esteem needs.
  • Enhancing the market value – Moving to an abroad location for medical work is a significant step in boosting your market value as a healthcare practitioner.
  • More specialization windows – You will get exposure to more specialization in different niches & segments within your area of interest.
  • Different work experiences – You get a chance to try out distinct choices of work experience to engage & select your optimum possible level of practice.
  • Growth potential – There is broad potential for growth in the healthcare services industry in foreign regions. They use extensive technologies & new advances in medical science.
  • Better lifestyle & meeting of demands – Shifting abroad will benefit you in the long term by creating a credible lifestyle meeting the best of your necessities.
  • Miscellaneous benefits – Other unique merits are also in the offering if you move abroad as an MBBS doctor. These points will depend on the scenario of your specialization & pursuing healthcare practice. The abroad work environment will also affect this.


The primary parameter driving your decision to move abroad for career progression as an MBBS doctor should be your passion for the profession. The best way to analyze & measure this is by collaborating with an external agency to help you understand your professional standing in the industry. 

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